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Aries Energy and Spring!

There's a simplicity to the Aries energy of Spring, both of which began this week by embracing either side of Wednesday's Full Moon in Libra.

When considering how to solve a problem, each astrological sign has a different answer. Like emerging fully clothed from a pool of deep water, those first few steps out from Piscean energy of the past can feel heavy. The Aries solutions? Shed the heavy clothes. Shed the burdens. Get light. Get fiery. Get active.

Aries reactivates us with that first electric spark as if to say 'Wake up!' In that same way, Spring is all about coming out of hibernation, spiritual or mental. We have beautiful holidays like India's Holi Festival (celebrated in my culture) which honors a triumph of Good over Evil. I like to think of it as a time we celebrate the conquering of our inner demons. We also have Nowruz, or Persian New Year. There are many other wonderful festivals around the world that take place during this time of year. Why do you think we often feel called to clean everything in Spring? You can thank Aries energy for that, too.

Aries represents youthfulness. When we think of being young, we consider our impulsive spirit, as well as the robustness of our sensitivity. It's our first introduction to feeling our feelings - and that's why you'll notice that so many people with planets in Aries can have some serious intensity to them. Spring kicks off with fiery energy, so when considering how to solve problems during the Aries season, listen to all of the ways your spirit is calling for you to 'Do Something'.

You will feel impulsive. You will feel like clearing out the old so to speak. You will begin to feel the tingling of new hope this month. Feel your feelings. Hold awareness in your body of all of those messages. You can still be thoughtful when you make your decisions, but you WILL be pushed to make decisions. And if you're not ready, take some time to meditate on how much you've done over the last twelve months. Revisit how your story has unfolded thus far. Now is the time to chart the course for where you want to go next.

So, get up. Stretch big. Put on some music, dance it out, and shake off the old.

You are new, again.

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