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Where does your path lead?


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Palmistry started out as my first adventure into metaphysics, though as a skeptic. My study began at a young age and, over the next several decades, transformed from an entertaining hobby to a trigger switch for latent intuition. Kismet's Arrow was born from a desire to honor my intuition, and to empower others to be their best selves. Kismet translates to Destiny, and Fate. I help my clients redesign the direction their path is headed by analyzing where they are now. And, for anyone who feels as though their life has gone astray, I'm grateful to be a signpost.

We have the power to change our path. It is my responsibility to ensure that you know this in your core.

~ Amy Chauhan

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The Metaphysical Approach

My brand of Metaphysical Advisement is holistic in its approach. Sure, we all want to know if love is around the corner, or if we’re going to land that big promotion. But sometimes we find ourselves tripping and falling over other problems before we can get there. It's important to look at the big picture in order to identify where there are weaknesses that we can strengthen. My goal in each advisement session is to break these speed bumps down so we can better understand why we face them, and how they can actually serve us in our path to contentment.

As an intuitive healer, I’m here to show you something you need to pay attention to in order to be your better self. Sometimes, if it comes up, I am able to feel predictive energy, which is very special. I do not market myself as a psychic because there is a misconception that psychic ability can be turned on and off upon request - and for me, it doesn't work that way. But if something does come up, I’ll always share it with you.

First time clients are often concerned about learning something negative. "I don't want to know anything bad." The uncomfortable truths about life that show up in the hand are tools to help us reshape our futures. If I ever see something concerning that I feel you have the ability to change and lessen the impact of, it is my responsibility to let you know about it, and beyond that, it's my privilege to empower you to find the path to change it.

For example, if I see that you are on a path to some health frustrations, I wouldn't tell you 'You're going to have heart disease.' Nothing is set in stone. Your hand might indicate that you're on a course that isn't healthy for you, at which point I would let you know that if you make the certain and specific changes, you will experience relief in that area of your life, and avoid illness. The lines on the palm change when you change. Everything good is still possible.

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If you are interested in any of these services or have questions, please contact me!

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Palm Reading

Palmistry (In Person)

$40 - Basic Palm Reading (20 Minutes)

The classic palm reading serves as a personality profile of sorts. It’s amazing to see the story your hand tells about the way you think, how you express emotion, why you might react the way you do, recurring health problems you’ll face in your life, and how you approach love. It’s great at providing insight into the types of careers you’re best suited for, and even why you might face certain problems repeatedly in your life. If you've never had your palm read, it's something you must do at least once - just for fun!

Shorter or longer increments of time are available upon request.


Palmistry (Online)

$60 - Remote Palmistry

Using multiple high-resolution pictures of specific regions of your hand in natural daylight, I will analyze your hands and provide feedback in an audio file ranging between 15 to 25 minutes in length.



Heart Pendant

Romantic Compatibility


Looking at yours and your partner's hands, I can shed light on the areas of your relationship you both want to work harder to enhance, and where your compatibility shines the brightest. Feedback is provided in an audio file ranging between 15 to 25 minutes in length.



Metaphysical Advisement

$100  - Sessions (60 Minutes)

These sessions typically go beyond a palm reading and generally last up to an hour at minimum. They are best for those who are navigating a specific area of concern in life. Clients typically describe these sessions as therapeutic as they work towards using their intuition to cultivate a happier state of being. This is ideal for you if you are interested in long-term development and curious about understanding yourself and your default settings.


Group Events

Request a quote

Do you have an event coming up? I've read at conventions & expos, birthday & house warming parties, intimate gatherings, and bridal showers.

Rates are dependent upon number of people and length of time per reading. Length of time per reading can range from 2 to 20 minutes per person.

Hourly Rates start at $80/hour.

Please contact me for a customized quote based on your needs.

References are available upon request.


"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

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